Mocean canoes are designed to be “everybody’s outrigger.” Because they’re made from recyclable thermoformed plastic, Mocean outriggers are sleek, light and portable, but also strong, durable and easy to repair. This is what makes them suitable for both beginning and expert paddlers.


Just starting out with paddling? You might sense it’s a fairly easy activity. But there are still some basics to know to have fun and stay safe. A few tips:

Enter and exit with care.
Canoes float, right? So obviously, they can be a bit unstable. You get our drift. Get in and out carefully and never stand up in a canoe—unless you feel like getting drenched and possibly concussed.

Paddle smart.
Learn to paddle efficiently by using proper technique. Good paddlers know the trick to generating more power with less effort.

Respect currents and obstacles.
Things above and below your canoe can catch you by surprise. Pay attention to the current and look out for floating obstacles, fallen trees on riverbanks, anything that can “shift the tide.”

Maneuver well.
Learn how to steer and handle your canoe under varying circumstances. Realize that a sudden rush of water can impact your control. Anticipate and know how to stay the course.

Feeling like a pro? With outrigging, you can always expand your horizons. If you’ve got the basics down, consider joining a canoe club.


Paddling is a great low-impact activity that brings noticeable health and wellness benefits. So get out on the water and start reaping the rewards! Whether you paddle hard, soft or somewhere in between, you’ll improve aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility, all while being outdoors and escaping everyday life.

Paddling engages muscles in your chest, back, arms, and shoulders. The rotating motion works your torso and the stabilizing effort strengthens your legs. All the while, your blood is pumping and improving your cardiovascular fitness. You de-stress as you literally go with the flow and are transported, physically and spiritually. It’s a powerful combo, being on water, surrounded by nature, in community with other paddlers or simply on your own peaceful, meditative journey.

Additionally, you enhance your health and well-being by having fun in the sun—which lets your body generate Vitamin D, a critical component of bone-strengthening calcium and peak mental function. Set your pace and glide. It’s good for all of you: mind, body and spirit.