At Mocean, we are American through and through. Our founder is a former Marine and a patriot: someone who loves, defends and supports his country. Here, he’s showing his “stripes” by providing the market with a truly Made in America produced outrigger.

What’s more, his goal with Mocean is to provide full access to canoeing to a previously unserved market. In the past, owning a canoe was primarily for the more affluent. Because of cost and design, buying an outrigger through Mocean—and a high-quality one at that—is far less expensive than ever before. And maintaining it is far easier and more affordable.

We strive to be the embodiment of patriotism. You could say our blood runs red, white and blue! Our canoes are made in America and built by Americans. We build relationships with and seek to serve veteran organizations and communities. It’s one of the things that makes our company unique—and that gives us pride.


As a former Marine, Mocean founder Michael Carey is dedicated to not only bringing a great made-in-America product to the masses, but to using his company to give back to veterans.

He’s actively engaging with potential partners to help veterans experience all the health and wellness benefits of outrigging. Together, Mocean and organizations will work to give the spirit-lifting freedom of moving through water to our country’s freedom fighters.